Traditional Cuisine

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National Canadian cuisine is a kind of symbiosis of the culinary traditions of European cuisines. Local restaurants serve both Italian pizza and American hamburger. Many cuisines have taken root in Canada, and depending on the region of the country, you can try Japan, Mexico, Tai Poland, Portugal and many others.

As for the original Canadian dishes, this is meat and fish – stewed rabbit with vegetables, fried chicken, baked sturgeon, pies with various fillings, ham in maple syrup. Traditional Canadian cuisine is also represented by dishes with cheddar cheese, seafood, pates. Among the popular soups are onion, pumpkin, pea, with homemade noodles and broths with croutons. What are the must-try things to try while in Canada?


The dish of French Canada is very specific and original. It is french fries under peppered meat sauce with “squeaky” curds. Several provinces argue about its authorship, trying to attribute all the laurels of a delicious side dish to themselves.

Canadian barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken is a traditional Canadian dish and the most popular food in this country. Chicken meat is very juicy and incredibly tasty. In the original, it is cooked on open coals on the grill and always with the addition of maple syrup.


This dish is named after the lake Tourtière St-Jean, it is in this area that the traditional version of the meat pie is served. Its difference is in several fillings from different types of meat, including fresh bison, wild boar and deer. Most often it is a mixture of pork, beef and lamb. The dough for the pie is taken chopped, and the dish is baked at a low temperature of 120 degrees for several hours.

Bread Bannock

This Scottish flat bread is made from sourdough without the use of yeast and is a popular dish in many cultures. Traditionally, it is baked not in the oven, but in a frying pan.

Meat in Montreal

Smoked meat in Montreal is a kosher delicacy made by salting and curing beef brisket in the most aromatic herbs. The brisket is left to “ripen” for a week so that it is saturated with flavors. Then it is smoked in a hot way, and at the end it is doused with steam.

Pea soup

French explorer Samuel de Champlain, along with other first settlers in Canada, ate this soup, and Ottawa Mayor Mark Myron revived the tradition of cooking this dish. Previously, dried meat and dried peas were used for its preparation, which remained fresh for a long time. It remained only to collect vegetables and cook fragrant stew.

Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails is Canada’s national dish, a recipe that has been passed down in the Graham Hooker family for generations. And only in 1978, his secrets were revealed to the general public. These are flattened donuts without a hole that are served with sweet sauces or powdered sugar.

Bars Nanaimo

This dessert, despite the three-layer, is very easy to prepare. Chilled cakes are made with crumbs, vanilla-flavored buttercream frosting, and crushed chocolate. Who the author of the dessert is is unknown, a similar delicacy was described in the book “Assistant for the Lady at the Nanaimo Hospital” of 1952 edition. A year later, a book was released with the already original Nanaimo recipe.

Cream Tart

This dish belongs to early Canadian cuisine. The dessert consists of delicate crispy dough and a soft melt-in-your-mouth filling of butter, sugar and egg mixture. Raisins are added in some versions, but most Canadians consider this to be an extra addition.

Cocktail “Caesar”

Caesar is the most popular Canadian cocktail, not a salad as it might seem. In 1966, Mott’s launched Clamato Juice, which became the basis of the popular cocktail. Clamato is a drink made from reconstituted tomato juice with spices and oyster sauce. When bartender Walter Schell invented the Caesar cocktail in 1969, he didn’t use Clamato, instead relying on good tomato juice and oyster puree.

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