Transport in Canada

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Public transport in Canada was created, one might say, along with the study of the territory of this country. What you can now see in the modern state is the victory of man over the difficult climatic and weather conditions of Canada.

Well, transport in Canada is very well developed, covering almost the entire municipal territory. The most popular are cars, buses and metro. For a single pass, you will pay about 5 Canadian dollars or 3.25 US dollars.

Of course, how not to remember the aviation of Canada and its major airports: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax. The main companies are Canadian Airlines and Air Canada.

But, taking into account all the nuances, nevertheless, exploring the country by land transport will turn out to be much more pleasant and more profitable than flying from city to city by plane. Plane tickets are not cheap. Nevertheless, if you have time back to back – then there will be no other way out. When comparing train and bus travel, the latter wins.

Summing up, every vehicle in Canada is not bad, but, nevertheless, without a doubt, the first place of honor in this competition for the study of the North American state belongs to the car. And how to use its services in Canada, read here.

It has long been no secret that every second resident of Canada has his own car. Therefore, the car is used very often in the country, as is the third longest highway in the world, the Trans-Canada Highway. Its length is more than 10.7 thousand km.

Let’s take a closer look at rail transport in Canada

It was the construction of the Transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway, CPR, which lasted almost 4.5 years, that accompanied the development of railway transport in Canada. Its construction, however, connected the country from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic. The Western region of Canada began to develop rapidly, because most of the major cities were created around these stations. The Canadian Pacific Railway still serves as the country’s main economic backbone to this day. By the way, the length of the railway tracks of Canada becomes 71 thousand km.

The powerful Via Rail and the Canadian National Railway Company also have more than a century of history.

Transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway

The line on the map is red – the Canadian Pacific Railway connects the country with New York and Chicago. It stretches from Vancouver to Toronto through Edmonton and Jasper. The Toronto-Vancouver road becomes 4492 km. Takes 83 hours in time.

It is joined by lines that run from Jasper National Park to Prince Rupert: “Jasper-Prince Rupert”, from Pas to Pukatawagan – “The Pas-Pukatawagan”, from Winnipeg to Churchill “Winnipeg-Churchill”.

Other rail routes – represented by the blue line “The Corridor”. This route carries out more than 30 destinations daily. The line belongs to the busiest branch of the network, where 90% of all flights in the country are operated, connecting Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and Windsor.

The blue line on the map is The Ocean operates six flights each week from Montreal to Halifax via Moncton and Truro, taking 22 hours and 40 minutes.

Canadian National Railway Company – this company connects the most western and eastern sections of Canada, as well as New Orleans in the USA, using about 30 thousand km of tracks.

Via Rail is a passenger-only carrier with transcontinental flights through Edmonton, Jasper and Winnipeg. This route will allow you to see breathtaking views of the rocky mountains of Selkirk and the Coast Range. Trains here have showers and rooms in sleeping cars. The carriages are extremely comfortable, there are air conditioners and a restaurant.

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